What are the Minnesota CLE Requirements for Attorneys?

Minnesota Lawyers are required to earn a minimum of 45 CLE credits every 3-year reporting period. Of those 45 credits, 15 may be earned via on-demand courses. The good news? That’s where CLE Connect comes in. Why binge on Netflix when you could be learning how to grow and market your practice using CLE content?!  

We Know CLE’s Don’t Really Appeal to How You Spend your Free Time!

We KNOW that you have so many other ways in which you can spend your valuable free time.  We also know that lawyers put “get my CLE Credits” right up there with cleaning out the garage, or scouring the bathroom.  Lawyers do it because it’s necessary to maintain their licensure as a lawyer in Minnesota.  We knew that’s what we were up against, so our strategy was to make CLE-Connect a more appealing solution for lawyers who wish they didn’t have to even earn CLE credits in the first place.  Our approach? To help you meet Minnesota Ethics CLE Requirements by developing a series of courses and materials that will help every lawyer in Minnesota market and grow their practices.  

Why is CLE-Connect Different?

This is a very different approach.  When doing the research on whether or not there is a need for marketing courses with ethics CLE, we found there were virtually no competitors.  Why? Because lawyers slog through their CLE requirements as quickly as possible so they can check off their proverbial list - got my 45 CLE credits -  every three year reporting period, and forget about CLEs until they start to feel the impending doom of reporting time.

We Set our Intention to Improve Upon the Overall On-Demand CLE Experience

So we had to build a better mousetrap - and provide informative, interesting, on-demand CLEs that would excite and engage lawyers in Minnesota.  This was a challenge because lawyers simply don’t generally ever feel excited about meeting their Minnesota CLE requirements.  We did this by starting with the foundation that lawyers need access to CLE programming that will actually help them market and grow their law practices. We determined that we needed to provide CLE webinars and materials that lawyers can put to use immediately to become better at marketing themselves.  We still have many more courses to build, but we say, Mission Accomplished!    

Our on-demand Minnesota CLEs were designed by legal marketing veteran, Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC, for lawyers like you. We know you’re busy, which is why all of our courses are concise (about 1 hour long), interactive, and actually helpful to your overall marketing efforts. Being an “on-demand CLE” means our course content is available 24/7. Whether you’re a night owl, early riser, or somewhere in-between, our flexible course structure was made to work for you. In fact, you can even take our courses on-the-go! CLE Connect is 100% responsive, which means it looks good on every type of device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device). We’ve always believed that earning CLE credits in MN shouldn’t be a hassle, so we made it as easy as humanly possible for you to get ‘em done!

Minnesota CLE Requirements

by the numbers:

  • You Need 45 Credits

  • 15 Credits Can Be On-Demand

  • 3 Must Be Ethics Credits

Minnesota Ethics CLE Requirements

Of the 45 Minnesota CLE credits you need to accrue every three years, you must have a minimum of 3 ethics or professional responsibility credits. CLE Connect was specially developed so that each course we offer fills this need. Each of our courses is worth one MN CLE ethics credit. If you already have your ethics credits completed, our courses still count toward your professional responsibility requirements.

Why the focus on Ethics?

The reason CLE Connect courses are each worth one ethics credit is because of CLE Connect’s founder and president Terrie Wheeler’s extensive experience working with the Minnesota Lawyers Board of Professional Responsibility and Ethics (LPRB). Terrie served as the Vice Chair of the Minnesota Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (LPRB) during her six-year term,  and chaired the Board’s District Ethics Committee from 2016-2018. In 2017, Terrie was honored to receive the LPRB Volunteer of the Year Award. Terrie’s involvement with the LPRB was somewhat unique in that she was a non-lawyer and served as the Board’s first ever non-lawyer to serve as Vice Chair of the Board. Read more about Terrie’s experience with the LBRP here >

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