Meet Your Instructor:
Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC

CLE Connect President + Founder

For the past 25+ years, Terrie has dedicated herself to helping lawyers ethically market their law practices. In January 2018, Terrie ended her six-year term as a Minnesota Supreme Court appointee to the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board, most recently serving as Vice Chair of the Board. For over 20 years Terrie has operated Professional Marketing Services, LLC (PSM), delivering outsourced marketing department and individual marketing coaching services to lawyers and law firms across the country. Terrie has combined her many years of ethics experience with over 20 years of legal industry marketing consulting experience and, in August 2018, launched CLE Connect: Ethical Marketing CLEs On-Demand.

Terrie achieved a Master of Arts Degree, summa cum laude, from the Graduate School of Business, University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, MN. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree, magna cum laude, from Concordia University in St. Paul, MN. After spending 12 years as an in-house marketing director in three Minnesota-based law firms, Terrie founded Professional Services Marketing, LLC, a legal industry outsourced marketing and marketing coaching company in 1997.
Meet Your Instructor:<br>Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC

Emphasis on Ethics

Terrie is actively involved in helping educate lawyers on the ethics of marketing a law practice. Her involvement includes:

  • Vice Chair, Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (LPRB) – In January 2018, Terrie completed a six-year term on the LPRB. For the past two years, she served as Vice Chair of the Board.

  • Chair, District Ethics Committee- Terrie worked with the committee to facilitate the annual DEC symposiums from 2016-2018.

  • Executive Committee- Board of Directors, Lawyers Board of Professional Responsibility, 2011 – January 2018.

  • 2017 OLPR Volunteer of the Year- Terrie was awarded the Office of Lawyer’s Professional Responsibility’s 2017 Volunteer of the Year Award for her board work and advocacy in educating lawyers on ethical marketing best practices.

  • LPRB/Supreme Court Committee- Terrie was asked by Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, Lorie Skjerven Gildea, to serve on a joint LPRB/Supreme Court committee to conduct the search for the OLPR’s new Director, Susan Humiston.

  • HCBA Ethics Investigator- Prior to her LPRB work, Terrie served as an investigator and on the screening committee for the HCBA’s 4th District Ethics Committee.

  • Past Chair- Minnesota State Bar Association’s Marketing and Client Service Section, served for two years.

Presenter + Legal Industry Columnist

Terrie is an authority on ethical legal marketing and loves to share her expertise!

  • National CLE Presenter

    Terrie is a regular CLE presenter for the MSBA, RCBA, and other bar associations across the country including Wisconsin, California, New York, Ohio, and others.

  • Syndicated Columnist

    Terrie is a syndicated columnist for Attorney at Law Magazine, which is published in 22 markets across the country (2014 – present).

  • ABA GP|Solo Columnist

    Terrie is a columnist for the ABA’s GP|Solo eReport, distributed to over 150,000 lawyers nationwide each month (2016 – present).

Terrie is a Law School Educator

Being able to help prepare new lawyers for life in private practice motivates and inspires Terrie. She is currently teaching marketing and client service at three law schools:

  • St. Thomas School of Law

    Adjunct Faculty Member, presenting marketing and client service programming for third year law students, 2012 – present.

  • Mitchell Hamline School of Law

    Adjunct Faculty Member, The Business of Lawyering course, 2012 – present. Terrie recently recorded over six hours of presentations for Mitchell Hamline School of Law’s new Hybrid JD Program: Lawyer as Business Owner Course.

  • Marquette University Law School

    Guest speaker, Ethical Marketing Strategies for New Lawyers, 2014 – 2016


  • Why did you create CLE Connect™?

    Because I wanted to be able to provide high quality marketing courses for lawyers so they had a place to learn the skills they need to become financially successful (and to get CLE credit on top of it all!) While I have taught at three law schools, only one actually offered an accredited program teaching basic marketing and client service skills to third year law students. What happens to everyone else? They are forced to learn marketing on their own which can be frustrating for busy lawyers.

  • How are you able to get CLE credit for marketing courses?

    The bottom line is the majority of ethics complaints are filed by disgruntled clients not because you didn’t correctly specify “Advertising Material” on your ads, but because of client service issues including competence, diligence, communication, and serving as their zealous advocate and advisor. A number of years ago State Supreme Courts began seeing the importance client service plays in the compliance of each state’s Rules of Professional Responsibility, and began granting CLE credit for topics related to marketing and client service.

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